2020 Annual General Meeting

The 2020 Annual General Meeting took place this year via Zoom, due to the current COVID pandemic. Please see below for updated details of PICAA committee members. 

Welcome to the Police Insignia Collectors Association of Australia, Inc.

The Police Insignia Collectors Association of Australia (PICAA) is dedicated to the collection, documentation and preservation of items of memorabilia from Police, Fire, Ambulance, Emergency Services, Corrections, Security and Federal departments and agencies throughout Australia.

PICAA produces a quarterly magazine, which is provided via email or direct download from this site. Access to the download and additional resources on this site are restricted to members only. PICAA membership is open "to all persons of good fame and character, who are interested in or are involved in the collecting, exchanging or preservation of law enforcement, police and / or emergency services insignia", subject to assessment.

PICAA is governed by a constitution, which outlines the aims of the association to "promote the hobby of law enforcement and emergency services insignia collecting in Australiasia & encouraging the research, collation & collecting of historical facts & insignia; to collect and disseminate information of interest to members; to liaise with other interested bodies who may be of assistance to the members of the association; to promote and maintain contact with police, law enforcement and emergency services insignia collectors throughout the world, and; to encourage the display of collections by members".

The current 2020/2021 PICAA committee comprises the following members:
PICAA President: Rob Brown
Vice President: Rod Johns
Editor: Matt Hayes
Secretary General: Mick Austin
Assistant Secretary: John de Belle

Treasurer: Neale Vickery
Assistant Treasurer: John de Belle
Webmaster: John de Belle
Assistant Webmaster: 
Community Relations Officers: Darrol Quinlan, Ray Chatto, Don Adam and Rob Beath
Committee Members: Gary Siddons, Don Adam, Corey Harvey, Mike Stevenson, Dave Aspland, Paul Hudson, Wayne Stevenson

The "Contact Us" link in the main menu will send an email to the Secretary, John de Belle

PICAA Committee Members -
ACT: Mike Stevenson
NSW: Don Adams, Mick Austin
SA: Darrol Quinlan

PICAA State Liaison:
SA: Darrol Quinlan
Victoria: Stefan Rea

Queensland: Corey Harvey

Following almost unanimous support from the PICAA Committee I am proceeding to appoint a Professional Standards Sub-Committee.

I welcome these members (all volunteers) to the task.

Dave Aspland HLM – Chairperson from Goulburn NSW
Robert Moreton – From Tasmania
Wayne Stephenson – From Sydney
Mark Jackson – From Perth

I will Brief them on the tasks ahead.

The main role of the sub-committee will be:

  • Investigating complaints about members and making a recommendation to the President – IN CONFIDENCE
  • Developing a policy for the Process and Criteria for the award of Honorary Life Membership - IN CONFIDENCE
  • Review the situation with the current paid Life Memberships we have and make a recommendation
  • Provide an annual report of activities to the AGM

I wish them well in this role.

Rod Johns
President PICAA Inc.

PICAA Dues & Application Form

The following membership rates are valid for 2018/2019

Australia - Membership - $20.00 AUD per year

Australia - Pensioner - $20.00 AUD per year

Overseas - Membership - $20.00 AUD per year

E-mail enquiries about PICAA, membership applications and renewals should be addressed to: -
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - PICAA President
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - PICAA Secretary 
or in writing to:
PICAA Secretary General
P.O. Box 1070
Gymea, NSW 2227

A copy of the PICAA Code of Conduct can be viewed via the link below. Adobe® Acrobat® format:-

Constitution and Code of Conduct 
(PDF: 374 KB / 35 pages)

If you don't have the Acrobat® reader simply click on this link to be taken to the Acrobat site.

In 1984 four Policemen from Newcastle in New South Wales met through their mutual interest in the hobby of collecting Police badges. It became apparent to them that collecting insignia was popular with many Police, Fire, Ambulance and Emergency Services personnel. It was also realised that there was no organisation catering to their needs in Australia. Plans were made, over a five month period, to form the Police Insignia Collectors Association of Australia (PICAA).

A public meeting was held in June 1984 and the Association was formed.

The Association was officially constituted on June 10th, 1984 and became Incorporated on August 2nd, 1990.

Originally intended only for Australian collectors, the Association now has members throughout the world. Australia, Hong Kong, South Africa, Austria, Ireland, Spain, Belgium, Macau, Sweden, Canada, Malta, Switzerland, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Thailand, England, Northern Ireland, Turkey, France, Norway, USA, Germany, Poland, Wales, Guernsey, Scotland, Zimbabwe, Holland, Slovakia

'Members' receive a PICAA CD, the 'AUSTRALASIAN BADGE COLLECTOR', published four times per year, which contains interesting articles on various Australian and overseas Departments and their respective history and insignia.

'Members' also receive a current list of other members with whom they can correspond and entry fees to swap meets are subsidised by the Association.

PICAA is affiliated with similar Police Insignia Collectors Associations in Austria, Belgium, BritainCanadaNorthern Ireland, New Zealand & the USA.

The Association holds regular 'swap meets' where members get together and exchange insignia. Members often travel to other states and some have even travelled overseas in pursuit of badges. Occasionally public displays of members' collections are held in shopping centres & other venues. Approximately 80% of the members are serving or retired Police or Emergency Service Officers (Prison / Fire Brigades / Ambulance).

The remainder consist of various Law Enforcement Agency personnel and civilians.

Past patrons of the Police Insignia Collectors Association of Australia include two State Governors and an Assistant Commissioner of Police.

From Police, Ambulance, Fire, Medical, Government, Security etc, the list goes on and on.

Here are just some of the items of memorabilia PICAA members collect: - 

Badges, Belt Buckles, Buttons, Cap Badges, Antique Hand Cuffs, Documents, Equipment, Headgear, Police History, Medals, Military Insignia, Photographs, Shoulder Patches, Tie Tacs, Uniforms, Rank Insignia, Helmet Plates, Number Plates and much, much more...